God’s Grace is Your Financial Provision for Every Need

I have good news for you! God’s grace is your financial provision for every need! If you’re like many Christians, you probably feel that isn’t true. In fact, you may have already written me off as a “prosperity gospel” preacher. See, you’re missing out on God’s best because it’s not a prosperity gospel, it’s simply […]

What Does it Mean to Fall From Grace?

If you’re like most believers, you’ve probably been taught that when you sin, you fall from grace. What if that meaning of falling from grace isn’t actually scriptural? When a person sins and makes a mistake they can experience such strong feelings of condemnation. That feeling of being written off, as though they are no […]

What Does ‘Jesus Died For My Sins’ Mean?

like the cross of Jesus where he died for sin, the cross is set under a dark purple and blue sky

Growing up as a child in church, I often heard that Jesus died for my sins, but I had little idea what that meant. Maybe you’ve also been wondering what the big deal is about Jesus. Or if you’re a Christian you likely already know what Jesus having died for you means, but do you […]

What must I do to be healed?

girl holding hands out with flowers, receiving healing

Many people fear that they are not worthy enough of receiving healing, and the cry of their hearts is ‘what must I do to be healed?’ This looks like experiencing thoughts such as “I haven’t prayed enough? God won’t think I deserve healing because I sinned yesterday, it’s been months since I fasted – there’s […]