Born in England, Theo felt the call of God in his life. Saved in his early twenties, he had an instant hunger and thirst for Word of God and to grow in his relationship with Christ. The church he attended taught the Gospel to the best of their ability, but knew that there was more that God wanted to lead him into.

He taught in the educational sector for nearly ten years, before he sensed a call to go to Bible College. God spoke to him in his first year of Bible College, where he gently instructed him to start podcasting and teaching. Since his time at Bible College the vision that God has given to him has grown into launching out and starting Auld Ministries and God’s vision continues to grow.

Theo is blessed and favoured to be married to his precious and only beloved wife, Celestine. Following Theo & Celestine’s time at Charis Bible College, they have started Auld Ministries. Theo and Celestine’s heart is to bring the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world and to build up the body of Christ.

Theo and Celestine Auld are thankful to God to be the co-founders of Auld Ministries.