How Jesus has changed your self-worth

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We all want to know that we’re worth something, that we’re valuable. Yet society, people, and situations cause us to experience low self-worth. It can feel like a very lonely place. The good news is, whilst Jesus died for your sins, Jesus also changed your self-worth. If a person were to try and sell you […]

God’s Word Can Help You Make Decisions

In life, we all have to make decisions. Just like me, I’m sure that you too want to be able to make good decisions. God’s Word can help you. Maybe you’re someone who believes that the Bible is just a historic book and isn’t relevant for day-to-day life. On the other hand, there are those […]

God’s Grace is Your Financial Provision for Every Need

I have good news for you! God’s grace is your financial provision for every need! If you’re like many Christians, you probably feel that isn’t true. In fact, you may have already written me off as a “prosperity gospel” preacher. See, you’re missing out on God’s best because it’s not a prosperity gospel, it’s simply […]

What Does it Mean to Fall From Grace?

If you’re like most believers, you’ve probably been taught that when you sin, you fall from grace. What if that meaning of falling from grace isn’t actually scriptural? When a person sins and makes a mistake they can experience such strong feelings of condemnation. That feeling of being written off, as though they are no […]

How to Be At Peace: A quick guide to getting rid of anxiety God’s way

The majority of people do not want to be anxious about their lives, they want to be at peace. Even when things aren’t going according to plan, people still want to have peace of mind. I want you to know that it is possible! You can be at peace even when circumstances seem to be […]

How to Develop Fruit of the Spirit

Every true believer wants to be the best person they can be, they want to develop the fruit of the Spirit. The challenging part is actually knowing how godly fruit develops and also seeing that fruit impact other people’s lives. Have you ever tried to grow in patience, self-control, love or any of the nine […]

Why do bad things keep happening to me?

When challenges keep coming up, you will probably wonder why do bad things keep happening to me. It probably feels like you’re being targetted. Like someone is out to get you. It’s quite a scary place to be. However, when you discover the truth about why bad things are happening to you, you’ll be equipped […]

How to Receive the Holy Spirit

As a born-again Christian, you may have heard of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit but you don’t know how to receive it. There are so many schools of thought surrounding this and it can get very messy. Some teachings may have left you feeling as though you’re not worthy enough to receive the […]

3 Healing Quotes and Scriptures to Strengthen Your Faith

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If you want to know and believe that it is God’s will to heal you, here are 3 healing quotes and scriptures that will strengthen your faith for healing. As a Christian, you are probably quite sure that God is a healer and that He has the ability to heal everyone. What you may be […]

How to Receive God’s Promises

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God has promised us some beautiful things in His word, but so many believers are not receiving God’s promises. Instead of His promise of peace, anxiety is present. Instead of His financial and health provision, they are struggling to pay bills, and pain and sickness are weighing them down. Instead of joy, depression has them […]