Identity in Christ is one the most fundamental elements of the Christian faith for you to grasp. Humans essentially live out their lives based on who they believe they are, it stands to reason therefore that knowing your identity in Christ will cause you to walk out the life of Christ.

Knowing your identity in Christ first begins with being born again and becoming a brand new creation.

As a Christian, you have the nature of Jesus Christ on the inside of you and sometimes that nature doesn’t actually show up.

Spirit, Soul & Body

Well I’m going to take the time to explain a bit more about this. All of us have a body, right? It may be big, it may be slim, maybe it’s brown, maybe it’s white.

All of us also have a soul. This is our mind, our intellect, our emotions, our conscience, our personality and more. Yet there’s another part of us that many people don’t acknowledge. It is our spirit and only if you are a Christian do you have Christ’s spirit living within you. This is what we call the identity of Christ. But like most things, there is a process to seeing that spirit act.

Just for a moment, imagine a light bulb. Without flicking that switch on the wall you will not get any light. The electricity might be running with no issues, yet if you don’t flick that switch allowing the current to flow through to the light bulb, you will not see light.

The identity of Christ within you needs to flow

It is the same with a Christian. Their spirit, which is the nature and identity of Christ, is working behind the scenes with no hiccups, but if we don’t allow our souls to be turned on to God, then there is no flow out through our bodies. Another way of seeing it is that the soul acts as a train. Transporting goods from one destination to another. If the train is unavailable for any reason, the goods don’t leave the warehouse.

Our spirit is a warehouse full of goods needed for life: health, wealth, love, peace, blessings and so much more. But if that soul train is not communicating with the spirit, the body is not going to get any of those blessings.

So if you’re a Christian and you’re wondering why you’re not seeing the flow of Christ in your life, then this might be why. It’s important to understand your new creation self and your new identity in Christ. In fact, God laid it on my heart to create a free scripture guide specifically for you. It contains scriptures on various topics, to help you truly believe and receive what the Word says about your identity in Christ. Get your free scripture download here.

What is your understanding of identity in Christ? Comment down below and let’s chat.

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