Many people fear that they are not worthy enough of receiving healing, and the cry of their hearts is ‘what must I do to be healed?’ This looks like experiencing thoughts such as “I haven’t prayed enough? God won’t think I deserve healing because I sinned yesterday, it’s been months since I fasted – there’s no way God would heal me”.

I understand just how frustrating this feels. If you’ve ever felt this way, this blog article is for you. The truth really does make you free. Free from feeling as though you have to earn your healing.

To answer the question of ‘what must I do to be healed’, the Lord put a very simple scripture on my heart. This verse really shows the heart of God concerning you.

The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.
– Lamentations 3:22-24

You might be wondering, well that’s a lovely scripture but it doesn’t tell me what I must do to be healed. Let’s study it out a little. Lamentations 3:22-24 tell us that God’s love and mercy is towards us every day! Mercy means the Lord shows us compassion when it is in His power to punish us. This tells us that God doesn’t deal with us based on what we deserve, but since we have received Jesus into our lives, He deals with us based on what Jesus deserves. 

I want you to read that again. God doesn’t deal with us based on what we deserve. For those of us who have received Jesus into our lives, he deals with us based on what Jesus deserves.

The words what must I do to be healed written on top of an image of a white woman on the settee with her head in her hands appearing frustrated.

The Lord Jesus was righteous, He fulfilled the law meaning He pleased God. So if God deals with you based on what Jesus deserves then that means healing is yours! It isn’t dependent upon what you’ve done, how many minutes you’ve gone without sinning or how many good deeds you’ve done for the day. Healing is yours today because Jesus has made you righteous – right in the eyes of God.

When you rest in the righteousness you have received through Christ, things will be added to you supernaturally (Matt 6:33); things such as healing. Therefore, what must you do to be healed? Simply believe that Jesus took all punishment for you and instead gave you His blessings.

So, if there was one key thing to take away from this article, it is to acknowledge that God’s unfailing mercy means he doesn’t give us what we deserve, in fact, He gives us what Jesus deserves.

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